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Field of Awakening Urban & Land Based Community Vision

Here is the latest version of the vision for a conscious community which has The Field of Awakening as it’s common practice, and several other key components. We would LOVE to hear your impressions, feedback, requests…. and if you are interested in participating in such a vision. You can send all communications to


FoA Urban & Land Based Vision Document v3.21

Plus Bonus File – ICP Agreements & Commitments

Before creating Field of Awakening, I created the Integral Community Project. One of the fruits of that project is a 2-page concise package of agreements and commitments that a group of us resonated as being the embodiment of a higher consciousness community. I still find it very rich… at the time, I came to understand that intellectual understanding was not enough. Thus, later was born the Field of Awakening as that experiential practice. These insights combined with that practice offer a comprehensive path for living the path of a true and authentic human being.


Integral Community Project – Agreements & Commitments v2.61

Plus Bonus File #2 – Edinboro House Agreements & Commitments

Before ICP were the Agreements & Commitments that were the foundation for Edinboro House – a 5 person, 5 bedroom communal house in Boulder, Colorado. I consider it a very successful living experiment in deep connected friendship and growth. And it was the predecessor of the ICP Agreements & Commitments. For some applications it may still prove to be more useful for its simplicity and brevity, while maintaining both essential and comprehensive components.


Edinboro House Agreements & Commitments